Parents, unless I miss my guess, your student is most precious to you. You wish to have he/she become successful…as do we. We work hard at providing opportunities for them to visualize and compete with. We believe opportunity and training are necessary to achieve this.

              We bring professionals, companies and organizations to our events to help in this endeavor. We also bring apprenticeships, certifications programs, and other trainings via companies and associations partnered here. In this, we provide hope, confidence and opportunity.

              That first job, that first entry level position, that first training may indeed mean the very basics to their success. We strive to bring their skills to market, to show a prospective employer a willing, accountable, skilled (see our ‘On the Hunt’ listing) applicant to succeed in our community.

              Your donations help us achieve this. They pay for banners, fliers, packets, marketing and advertising, surveys (which feed us information) and networking which allow us to bring further opportunities for our students.